Pawsitively Pure All Natural Pet Food  - Pets, people and FUN!  We are Pawsitively Pure which is a locally owned in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

We carry a wide variety of pet food and treats!

 Learn more about the benefits of goat milk click here.
goat-milk Does your pooch or kitty have a bummy tummy? Let Answers take care of it! Answers is a great supplement for cats and dogs it's available in our freezer. 

Does Your Pet Have A Food Allergy?
Everyday our pet loving friends come into Pawsitively Pure complaining about their pets’ itchy paws, loose stools and irritated skin looking for a supplement or medication to treat the problem. These symptoms are often signs of a food intolerance, we usually recommend changing the pet’s food as the first response–in many instances a simple food switch does the trick! If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, you might first try changing his or her diet to eliminate some of the most common ingredients that can cause food intolerance. Consult your veterinarian to ensure that you are correctly identifying and addressing your pet’s health needs.

Cocoa Therapy Coconut OilDogs with ear infections are often put on medication and given supplements to help reduce the yeast buildup; however, ear infections and ears with constant wax build up are often a sign of a food allergy or intolerance. Our dogs Abby and Sadie constantly had stinky ears since using Cocoa Therapy the problem went away.

Abby Isn't she sweet? I love my rescue!! She gets plenty of love and good food. We feed her Fromm! Her favorite treat is Plato salmon strips. 
P1020568 A lazy day for my sweet Sadie......I think she is dreaming about Orijen dog food.


Chloe worked at Pawsitively Pure today

Tucker is such a sweet boy!
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